The mask I hide behind

A positive image that I carry in my mind all the time. My own dog is my #1 support

I have depression. Pretty bad really. I’m on meds. They kinda don’t do much. Keep me alive maybe. I have hope that one day it will be gone. This blog is to just show me, me. How I deal with depression. It’s not going to be positive, depression isn’t positive. Maybe by having an outlet and people who see this relate to how I feel will help me and others. I’m tired of seeing all those supposedly positive ‘how i got over my depression’ blogs. We I’ve had it all my life and I’m still not over it it so I’m going to show you through my eyes how my life is. 

My blue food. Soup for the soul

Now this funny. I’m a qualified chef. Put Myself through hell to get a qualification. No I can barely cook toast.  

Something I practise every single day

Something I think about every single day

Ive heard going for walks clears your mind. How. But allowing you to think about every single fuck up in your life without the distraction of the tv. Fresh air and walk my beloved pooch is good. Gets rid of the guilt of spending the rest of my day on the couch